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Moonlit Night – full movie
shooting locations
shooting period
shooting format
  short film – fantasy / drama
approx. 10 minutes
Dießen, Roth, Karlsfeld (Germany)
15th – 22th August 2011
German (subtitled)
RED MX 4k, colour, Cinemascope (16:9 letterbox)
Dolby 5.1

MOONLIT NIGHT is a dreamlike tale about a young woman who is caught between feelings of grief and rage for her recently deceased and alcohol-addicted father. An exceptional encounter with an ancient, but familiar romantic poet helps her coming to terms with her past so she can bid her father farewell at last.
Natalie’s life changed when her mother died far too soon, when she was still a child. Her father wasn’t the reliable adult she would have needed. Instead, he started to drink and became addicted to alcohol. Just after her father has died ten years later, 18-year-old Natalie comes back to an ancient temple where her father, an violin player, used to give concerts. As a child, she was afraid of the ghosts of long dead courtiers that her father told her about, when he wanted her to dance to his play. Remembering the old times, suddenly one figure of her imagination turns out to be a somewhat real person standing right in front of her, introducing himself as Joseph and talking to her merrily. Already doubting her sanity, she finds a sheet of paper on the floor with a familiar poem written on it reminds her of her past. Letting her feelings slip, she runs out into the heavy rain that is crying the tears she tries to hold back. Joseph confronts her with the questions she never dared to ask herself. Why she was never blessed with gratitude. She begins to contemplate, finding the answer in an ancient ballroom, where she has to face the ghosts from her past who whirl around her in a masquerade. There he asks her to dance to the very music her father used to play. Just when she gets into it, Josephs vanishes into thin air. She loses balance and falls into another memory. After her mother died – when she was a eight years old -she didn’t dare to fall asleep. To console her, her father read out the poem “Moonlit Night”, written by the German romanticist Joseph v. Eichendorff, being the ghost of the past, who she has just met. Waking up to reality again, Natalie is sitting in the temple reciting “Moonlit Night”, just like a reconciling bedtime poem for her father. Thanks to Joseph, she has found her inner peace again.

“Moonlit Night” has won the award for “Best Student Short” at the California International Shorts Festival on 24th of March, 2012.
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